Sunday, March 8, 2009

Serpent Mother and Homouroboros

Serpent Mother at Opulent Temple's "Massive" on Friday Night photo: poetrosakranse
Serpent Mother: photo by eeetthaannn

Ryan, Sierra' s fiance, and Sierra

affinity & Sierra hanging out

The Scheuer's soaking up the atmoshpere

The Monkeys were on break but it was great to see them

MonkeyBoy, eggchairsteve and Tate

We got out to see the Serpent Mother on Treasure Island last night and we were surprised to see so many of our dear friends there that we did not know were coming, beginning with Homouroboros (But the Monkeys were not spinning), it was great to see them. Then our good friends all, Mark and Janet, Annetta and Greg and Sierra with her new fiance and their friend Ryan, and then Steve and Tate (Tate is gorgeous and getting taller) suprised us, and Nelda stopped to say hello on our way out.

It is always a special treat to see everyone when you are not expecting them and get big hugs.

Serpent Mother was gorgeous lit up, although we missed the fire.


greggie said...

The scene at Treasure Island was trippy, creative, wholly sick in the best sense of the world. I got to see the monkeys which was far out, and loved the Caddie limo.

affinity said...

I was really sad that you left before we got a group photo, Could not seem to gather all the troups at the same time. Love you greggie.