Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not Being the Crew

Affinity Mingle
One of the interesting parts of our trip Andie Grace, for me, has been being the client, the passenger. Not knowing the staff (although I have made more friends among them than my fellow passengers). It has been a long time since we have not been part of the "event" whether it be a party, or that big event on the desert.

Bordeaux, France


yesterday 350 mi across southern France to Bordeaux, on quite good toll roads, figuring out how to pay as we go. Our funky but very clean hotel is across from the train station, almost all French business or tourists. Think a little hotel district on the edge of the Tenderloin. Tom Mingle is on a wine tour today, I am hanging out in the Brasseries drinking water with "gas" and nursing my now in the 7th day cold (maybe allergies) MonkeyBoy managed to go to the pharmacies and find paper handkerchiefs and day and night cold medicine. in order to park in front of our hotel someone had to lower the little round pillar into the ground after we gave them the code the hotel gave us. Yesterday we stopped at a huge Roman aqueduct and then managed to pump gasoline (That would be Tom doing the gas pumping of course).
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Chateauneuf du Pape

From the slick city hotel to the Castle in ChateauNeuf Du Pape, France. Feeling great, thanks on Dayquil, my drug of choice... Rented a car, drove from Nice thru Provence. Wonderful cumulus clouds, gorgeous red rock formations, very green everywhere, scotch brush blooming. We are loving the GPS. Our room is the stepsisters room in the Castle, we love it, overlooking the country in a little winery. Hope dinner is as fabulous as the Hotel.
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(This is the Chateau we are staying in.  It has a little pool and is a winery, and fabulous food.  Le petite dejunier had homemade fig jam)

ChateauNeuf du Pape, France: Day 19. I love my life. I love that I can tell my mate much I weight, what I have eaten today, what I have bought, how I really feel. What a gift. We have been traveling together for 19 days and have only had one little round of cross words, what a gift. And OMG I LOVE being retired and not worrying about that client that ALWAYS calls on Friday morning (my day off) with an emergency, and I love the community and social media portfolio that the Black Rock Arts Foundation andBurning Man have given me, and that community would be all of you. Yes, once again I am grateful.