Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marsailles, France

June 6, 2012

Just docked in Marsilles: First stop in France, at breakfast, the wind blowing across my face, getting ready to go to Arle and Avignon. I feel like I have mastered my workaround for the miles and miles of walking the others are doing every day. Getting off the ship in 2 days and then into the SouthWest of France. What a wonderful world it is. Yesterday was a day at sea and I had 2 naps. Sleepy girl. We are clearly the most radical folks on the boat, but most everyone is very kind to us.
    • Molly Vikart You sound so joyous! It's wonderful to read along as you travel.
      June 6 at 10:56pm ·  · 1
    • Joe Olivier Of course they're kind to y'all - everyone loves a rebel - you are probably the most fascinating people these folks have run into in quite a while. I'm more than a little jealous.
      June 6 at 11:16pm ·  · 2
    • Madeline Behrens-Brigham One never knows what lurks in the hearts of fellow cruisers; chuckle. I was at lunch last week and the two free spirited guys sitting next to me apologized for talking about someone being nude??? I smiled sweetly and let them think what they wanted. I did not share with them that I'd once shaved my head for art or had someone's history written on my bod, etc. though it was tempting. If only I'd had the pix to show that we're not always as we appear.
      June 6 at 11:21pm ·  · 3
    • Josie Schimke i love reading your updates! wave to eli! (i heard you guys would be ships passing in the night.. what are the odds?)
      June 7 at 7:33am · 
    • Priscilla Ann Wheeler I am sure you will have a super fun time in the most civilized of all nations. Vive La France! and keep the comments coming so we can vicariously enjoy your trip.
      June 7 at 11:09am ·  · 2

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