Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grateful Graphics Open House

A few weeks ago we went to the Rex Foundation Gala, what I would call the non-profit arm of the Grateful Dead.

There we met JB who invited us to his open house at the Grateful Graphics Warehouse.

I took some time off work and off we went. When we got there a few Deadheads were gathering and JB told us to make ourselves at home, and feel free to help ourselves to the "seconds" in the stacks around the room. MonkeyBoy got to pick out the fabulous hoodie below. And I got a few Dancing Bear Peace Symbol Buttons to share with my friends, could anything make me happier than that?Johnathan spoke about the beginnings of Grateful Graphics.
As the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love has passed, I am reminded of the day 23 years ago when I first premiered the Dancing Bears and Grateful Graphics. In the overflowing parking lot outside the Hampton Coliseum, I sold my first hand-painted Row of Dancing Bears shirt changing the world of Grateful Dead merchandising and beginning a cultural revolution within our community that allowed Deadheads to show their love and devotion for the band in a gentler, more loving way. I believe the introduction of the Dancing Bear to mainstream GD iconography was much like the Summer of Love. In the words of Fraser Clark, editor of the Encyclopedia Psychedelica, the summer of 1967 was a "new fractal of social change which was to massively influence events for years to come." The Dancing Bears did just that as they evoked the lighter, happier side of the scene. With the Dancing Bears came the acceptance of "showing one's colors" outside of the concert experience by folks from all walks of life. And now, the journey continues with our latest catalogue of Grateful Graphics goodies. I invite you to grab some daisies, go barefoot, tune in and turn on. Here's to the joy the Grateful Dead has brought to all of us, each and every day...
Of course Johnathan is now a Burner so we felt right at home.

Then JB took the floor and talked about how the business of Grateful Graphics worked now, and my favorite part, that the inspiration for the Dancing Bear Peace Symbol, was the Peace Symbol's 50th anniversary, April 4, 2008. April 4 is JB birthday, his Dad's birthday and guess what, the MonkeyBoy's birthday. So Peace and love all in one package.
Then for the 2nd part of our big adventure, we went to the silkscreening factory where the Grateful Graphics products are printed. Ya gotta know that I LOVED seeing the big silkscreening machines and folder and digital silkscreening and when I thought about my little Gocco Silkscreening DIY machine I had to laugh. Then off to lunch at the Conneticut Yankee.
I had such a good time. I loved hearing about how the business got started, getting to know JB and seeing the warehouse, and the peace buttons, and the silkscreening factory, and lunch with a bunch of deadheads. What could be more fun than that?

What a fabulous adventure. Thanks JB and thanks Freddy for introducing us to the cool people at your table at the Rex Foundation Gala!
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graphics & photo of Johnathan, JB & Jodi from Grateful Graphics

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Relentness Authenticity

I aspire to relentless authenticity. I read that phrase in a New Yorker article about Marc Jacobs today, I don't much aspire to be him or want what he wants but I do aspire to relentless authenticity. I want show up, not to be seen but to be who I am. I want to stay centered and love who I am. I want to be authentic in all that I do.

I am going to revisit this topic often because I do not believe I am expressing myself very well but I do think I want to clarify this for me.

logo: Mark Scheuer

Monday, December 29, 2008

On Laptop per Child by John Lennon

Isn't technology amazing!

Thanks Judy and Ron for the suggestion!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alice & Elizabeth

photo of my friend Peggy who is mom to Elizabeth, and Alice, the actor and co-writer of Alice & Elizabeth

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 60th birthday with old friends at Stage Werx. More about that later.

About a month ago I heard from my friend Peggy wanting to know more about Stage Werx, could it be rented? What did it cost? Did I know anyone who could produce a one act play for one night in San Francisco?

Several years ago Peggy's 38 year old daughter died of ovarian cancer, very suddenly. Beth was vibrant and smart and interesting. So Peggy sent this email recently:

As many of you know, in July I had the privilege of going to New York City to see Alice Barden perform: Alice and Elizabeth: A One Woman Show. Elizabeth, my daughter, to the moment she became ill, and Alice were best friends and went to New York City together to follow their dreams. Together they wrote this play and Alice has brought it onto the stage in New York in two Theatres and for a one time showing December 22nd, Monday. It is a real gift to me of course to have the experience of Elizabeth and her life as she expressed it in this play they wrote. It offers a great deal to anyone who sees it was my experience. It's about the power of the friendship of women who share their vision and themselves, it's about joy.

Thanks Peggy for sharing this amazing window to who Beth was and her friendship with Alice and how it touched their lives, it was courageous to invite all of us to share a moment with your beloved Beth, in your presence. I thought the play was interesting, insightful, well acted and directed and a tribute to both Alice and Beth!

Here is a clip from the play:
Alice & Elizabeth's One Woman Show (Excerpt)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

The White Holly at the Sausalito Yacht Club Parade of Boats

Massive collaboration of Burning Man fire artists. Crude Awakening, Flaming Lotus Girls, Dr Megavolt and more, Dan and Karen were there, Steve & Diva, Steve23 & Juicy:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Chance to see the Reno Mangrove

Last chance to see The Reno Mangrove! For the last three months, a once unused and uninteresting vacant lot in downtown Reno, NV, has been transformed into a grove of trees, all by different artists. The Reno community has embraced the space created by this ‘Mangrove’ and quickly adopted the location as a favored meeting spot for social events, music performances and family outings. We’re sad to announce the project’s deinstallion on December 13, 2008, but very proud of the community involvement and civic action it has inspired! Thanks to all who contributed and supported this project. BRAF extends our sincerest thanks to the The Freight House District, LLC, the City of Reno, United Rentals, Fernley Electric and Peppermill Hotel Casino Reno and the Sierra Arts Foundation for their support of this project. Special thanks to Crimson Rose, of the BRAF Board of Directors, and volunteers Maria Partridge, Linda Sheilds, and the amazing Reno Burner community!

Rex Foundation 25th Anniversary

affinity, MonkeyBoy and Wavy Gravy
Helvetica and PlayaQuest aka Will Chase
Michael Michael, Dusty and Freddy aka Dr. Really
We had a great time at the Rex Foundation's 25th Anniversary Gala. We got to sit with Freddy and Helvetica, and their friends, get our photo taken with Wavy Gravy and listen to some great music. What a great day, SantaCon and the Gala.

San Francisco Santacon 2008

top photo: PocketSandNinja
bottom photo: Sandwich Girl

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Burning Man Holiday Party 2008 - PHOTOS

Cory McKenzie's Short film:

Trouble Pub's photos (Eric Nielson)

Your visit with Santa Claw - furtographer's flickr set - Raspa as Santa Claw

Your visit with Burning Santa - furtographer's flickr set - MonkeyBoy As Santa

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Santa band at Hooters - Santarchy 2007
affinity hanging in the GOcar toward the end of the rampage
MonkeyBoy and affinity at the Burning Man Holiday Party 2008 (thanks Moze)
Okay, we are going to take the Klassic Kringle route this Saturday:

Klassic Kringle—Santa hits Fisherman’s Wharf and other favorite hotspots (that will still have us). Suggested props: Signs (Elfcare for Everyone, Santas Demand More milk & Cookies, etc.) Celebrate Santa’s many corporate friends & partners by displaying your favorite sponsor on your suit.

1,000 Origami Cranes

Today on one of my favorite blogs , Mike tells the story of the reception last night and the tree in City Hall decorated with Origami cranes, called the Tree of Hope.

He posts the story of the cranes:

As the Rainbow World Fund's website describes it:
Why the origami crane?
This project draws inspiration from a little girl who lived and died nearly half a century ago. Sadako Sasaki was two when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Several years later, suffering from leukemia, Sadako learned of a legend that would grant one wish to the folders of 1,000 cranes. Her wish was for peace. She started folding but died 356 cranes short of her goal. Her classmates folded the rest in her honor and all 1,000 were buried with her. From that moment, when the world learned of her courageous story, the crane became a symbol of world peace.

And that made me reminisce a little...When I moved to San Francisco I had never taken really taken buses much, being from Palm Springs. The bus driver here in San Francisco on the 41 was a long hair freak and he made origami cranes and hung them in the window of the bus. You were welcome to take one if you wished to and he would tell you the story of the 1,000 cranes. I knew then I was in the right town, on my way to my straight job in the financial district, with the hippie bus driver on the way. He was the driver for several years and made a difference in the start of many days.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emile Norman - by his own Design DVD Must See

I loved this documentary. Emile Norman created the "glass" mural at the Masonic Temple in San Francisco, he does wood inlay, he continues to live life on his own terms and he had a great love. There is some art technique, but if you are interested in that you should watch the "special feature" The Hawk" film included on the DVD.
His life is a delight.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Andie and Tom

We have had the most incredible fall ever. Fall is my favorite time of year and good thing often happen, but this fall has been amazing. We had SOOOO much fun at Andie and Tom's wedding, there was Frank and his string trio, the amazing Reverend Billy, The kiss, the vows, Juniper dressed like her Momma, clowns, a venue in the woods, a tent to party, and a party full of the most amazing people ever.
Andie and Tom walked their talk, the wedding was as DIY as possible, friends helped put up the tent, Amber made Andie and Juniper gorgeous clothes, friends did the catering, the set up a photo booth. It was the most spectacular "at home" wedding I have been to.
So thanks for the fun and loving each other and letting us be part of your community.

It goes like this

You go to the 6th page, 6th photo on flickr and you post it on your blog.....

Sharon and Shawna on their wedding day...

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Deal Art

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear” ~ Florence Nightengale

I love this era of art, long lines. I think of it as "New Deal Art"

The statues in front of what I think of as the Pacific Stock Exchange, that is now a gym, has always been a favorite of mine, BIG, strong people....artist Peter Stackpole

my religion is kindness..the Dalai Lama

most years I have had a year it was "truly loving yourself is making sure that the thoughts inside your head are good to you...another year it was "a joyful spirit is a reflection of a grateful heart....

2009, here we come

My religion is kindness