Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alice & Elizabeth

photo of my friend Peggy who is mom to Elizabeth, and Alice, the actor and co-writer of Alice & Elizabeth

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 60th birthday with old friends at Stage Werx. More about that later.

About a month ago I heard from my friend Peggy wanting to know more about Stage Werx, could it be rented? What did it cost? Did I know anyone who could produce a one act play for one night in San Francisco?

Several years ago Peggy's 38 year old daughter died of ovarian cancer, very suddenly. Beth was vibrant and smart and interesting. So Peggy sent this email recently:

As many of you know, in July I had the privilege of going to New York City to see Alice Barden perform: Alice and Elizabeth: A One Woman Show. Elizabeth, my daughter, to the moment she became ill, and Alice were best friends and went to New York City together to follow their dreams. Together they wrote this play and Alice has brought it onto the stage in New York in two Theatres and for a one time showing December 22nd, Monday. It is a real gift to me of course to have the experience of Elizabeth and her life as she expressed it in this play they wrote. It offers a great deal to anyone who sees it was my experience. It's about the power of the friendship of women who share their vision and themselves, it's about joy.

Thanks Peggy for sharing this amazing window to who Beth was and her friendship with Alice and how it touched their lives, it was courageous to invite all of us to share a moment with your beloved Beth, in your presence. I thought the play was interesting, insightful, well acted and directed and a tribute to both Alice and Beth!

Here is a clip from the play:
Alice & Elizabeth's One Woman Show (Excerpt)

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