Saturday, December 6, 2008

Andie and Tom

We have had the most incredible fall ever. Fall is my favorite time of year and good thing often happen, but this fall has been amazing. We had SOOOO much fun at Andie and Tom's wedding, there was Frank and his string trio, the amazing Reverend Billy, The kiss, the vows, Juniper dressed like her Momma, clowns, a venue in the woods, a tent to party, and a party full of the most amazing people ever.
Andie and Tom walked their talk, the wedding was as DIY as possible, friends helped put up the tent, Amber made Andie and Juniper gorgeous clothes, friends did the catering, the set up a photo booth. It was the most spectacular "at home" wedding I have been to.
So thanks for the fun and loving each other and letting us be part of your community.

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Ali Baba said...

Aww, wonderful! That sounds and looks lovely.