Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1,000 Origami Cranes

Today on one of my favorite blogs , Mike tells the story of the reception last night and the tree in City Hall decorated with Origami cranes, called the Tree of Hope.

He posts the story of the cranes:

As the Rainbow World Fund's website describes it:
Why the origami crane?
This project draws inspiration from a little girl who lived and died nearly half a century ago. Sadako Sasaki was two when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Several years later, suffering from leukemia, Sadako learned of a legend that would grant one wish to the folders of 1,000 cranes. Her wish was for peace. She started folding but died 356 cranes short of her goal. Her classmates folded the rest in her honor and all 1,000 were buried with her. From that moment, when the world learned of her courageous story, the crane became a symbol of world peace.

And that made me reminisce a little...When I moved to San Francisco I had never taken really taken buses much, being from Palm Springs. The bus driver here in San Francisco on the 41 was a long hair freak and he made origami cranes and hung them in the window of the bus. You were welcome to take one if you wished to and he would tell you the story of the 1,000 cranes. I knew then I was in the right town, on my way to my straight job in the financial district, with the hippie bus driver on the way. He was the driver for several years and made a difference in the start of many days.

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Ali Baba said...

Lovely. Great story about the bus driver!!!