Thursday, June 14, 2012

Florence, Italy

June 5, 2012

Best: Statue of David.
Next: Michaelangelo's marble carvings he did not finish.
Next: Meeting Jeff, sitting looking at David and talking about his sabatical in Assissi and maybe being able to help with some source material for his book. Oh, and his 22 year old step-daughter is dying to go to Burning Man.
Next: Sitting on the Piazza della SeƱora and watching the Floentine shop girls go by in their tight mini skirts, black stockings and gladiator shoes (no heels because of the cobblestones)- loved the locals.
Worst: The 1/2 walk back to the bus because I misunderstood the map. A little more than I was up to. (I think this qualifies as something I was afraid of Andie Grace, afraid I might have heat exhaustion) but I made it.

All in all an amazing day.

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