Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arle, Avignon and Cannes, France

Loved Arle and Avignon. So happy to be in France, best desert I have EVER had at lunch yesterday. In Arle you can stay in the Hotel Mercur in an old village, very cool, but not much to do there. Today Cannes. VERY touristy, kind of like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Disembarking from the ship tomorrow for our time in France on our own. Traveling withTom Mingle is being a delight. My favorite part so far, not getting lost and I have loved being on the ship so much more than I expected.

(Sharon and Gary from Portland Oregon on the Cruise with us.  She was a computer science teacher and he used to be an engineer.  Very comfortable to be around and as nerdy as we are.)

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