Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am thrilled

I got an email from MonkeyBoy this am. He is doing great and I am getting reports that he does not look as frazzled as usual, I am thrilled.

I got a job offer last week and the company I work for has decided to match it so I am staying where I am but it has been pretty stressful, but now I am thrilled.

I have been procrastinating on packing, but got a lot done last night so now I am thrilled.

Found a skirt I had silkscreened with Burning Man on it 3 years ago and never worn. Lets hear for not buying new clothes...and I am thrilled.

We were invited to stay in the Black Forest Bar Theme Camp at Burning Man this year and I was a little concerned that we would not fit in and not do our share of the work but it is all looking like it is great and, guess what, now I am thrilled.

Last year at this time my volunteer job for Burning Man was no longer being a good fit, and now I get to blog for the Black Rock Arts Foundation, and now I am thrilled.

MonkeyBoy got to help build the Man this year, and the Man is going up, and now I am thrilled.

MonkeyBoy is working on the Center Camp Cafe, it is in great shape, almost done, bike racks are done, he is having a great time, and I am thrilled.

My car got broken into this weekend to steal 6 bottles of champagne but it is fixed, and I am thrilled.

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Ali Baba said...


I got to do all my playa shopping [food, drink, hardware/supplies] today and in July, with my Mom.
I am thrilled! :D

Most of our stuff is getting pretty organized -- I am thrilled.

Early Arrival passes are distributed and the farthest-flung campmates are en route! I am thrilled.
(Durgy is coming from the MidEast this year!)

My clothes are all packed! Um, except the Tahoe ones. Still -- I'm thrilled!

Hooray for gratitude!

We've been talking Friday or Saturday. Looking like Saturday!