Sunday, August 24, 2008

Burning Man 2008

So affinity how was your Burning Man??? Well it had it's moments, but overall it was too hot and toooooo dusty for a big, older British girl.....


Sitting at the Black Forest Bar on Sunday night before the event, with Nelda, MonkeyBoy, Moze, Hot Damn with eggchairsteve pouring us a drink. Just some of my favorite people in the world, just us, in the dark, we could see the playa starting to light up.

That Harley came and sat and had a drink at the Black Forest Bar while managing the GATE opening for midnight Sunday.

Getting up very early with my iphone and taking photos of the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), Burners without Borders, the Regional Network and Black Rock Solar and blogging the photos on the BRAF blog, how fun is that, to be able to blog from the playa.

Moze's birthday dinner at ExactLee's camp. Once again some of my favorite people and fabulous food.

Our anniversary party, old and new friends, a long evening with people coming and going. During the anniversary party a group of singers, dressed in german costumes cames a sang us a song or two and only on the Playa moment if there ever was one.

My campmates, each and everyone brought something special to our camp.

The art car ride to view the art on Tuesday night, with the other BRAFateers, a special evening and Aaron and Ellen were fabulous hosts, probably the week's highlight.

Getting to meet Mountain Girl and some of the artist's I have been blogging about and the "Figment" promoter, and the great cocktail party for BRAF.

Helping people make words at the BRAF camp, loved how it looked and sure enough people loved making and taking words.

And the best of all, MonkeyBoy and Affinity's first ever Burning Man without a cross word, not even close to a fight...thanks for loving me MonkeyBoy.


Ali Baba said...

Awww, wonderful!!!

It was great attending your Anniversary party, and yes, those German-dressed singers were fun! Good call on that being a fun story -- Anne asked me for a story that was, "I knew I was at Burning Man when..."
and that would be a good example!

Loved seeing you! We didn't see Moze all week and wished we had; glad you got to see him!

affinity said...

ali baba: Thanks for reading my blog. I love that we stay in communication this way.

It was such a treat to see you in person. Your presence is always a delight and Francis came too. YIPPEE! I know what an effort it is to actually arrive at a particular destination on the Playa.