Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Update from Gerlach

So MonkeyBoy has been in Gerlach for a week.
What's going on up there and what does the DPW do this week after the Golden Spike. While they are in Gerlack they stay in Brunos' trailer park and eat at Bruno's at breakfast and dinner. Well they have a morning meeting, eat a little breakfast and then saddle up and go to the ranch.
The Center Camp Cafe Bike RackCrew tried something new this year, they had a "work Sunday" at BMHQ right here in San Francisco. They got a lot of bike racks started, and then MonkeyBoy finished them before he went to the Playa, and they will shipped to Nevada this week, to get ready for all of us.

So on the Ranch MonkeyBoy has been retrofitting bike racks, getting them ready to surround the cafe. He has pulled all the bike racks out of the containers to see which ones need repairing.

Then on Sunday, Gerlach put on a picnic

Gerlach town BBQ 8-3-08 023, originally uploaded by g0saru.

So fence builders are wandering into town, a few more every day. And tomorrow is FENCE...all hands on deck, everybody helps and then on the weekend the crew moves to the Playa.

I have not heard much about conditions on the Playa, but if I do I will let you know.....

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