Thursday, September 18, 2008

Painted Ceiling

My ceiling in the living room and dining room had a ring around the base of the light fixture that could not be cleaned. So Brook & Elise came and painted the ceilings and painted that ugly yellow right out of the kitchen, I can still smell the paint a little and it makes my nose run, what a baby.

They did a GREAT job, I could trust them, they were fun, and they both have a great eye and work hard. How great is that....

So I am no longer embarassed by my ceiling, maybe that will move along some other "well since we are going to move shortly" projects, since it does not look like we are going to move anytime soon....

ok, I am going to go to bed now, and hope to go to sleep.

1 comment:

Ali Baba said...

Yay happy ceiling! :D
Good deal.
We've been dealing with the garage.
It is getting better!