Monday, January 19, 2009

Dracul: Prince of Fire

What a spectacle of Fire, and performance. With nods to Thriller, Rocky Horror and some I am sure I missed, it was clever, gorgeous and fun. My favorite scene was a scene with fire everywhere, lining the stairwell, BIG lanterns on each side of the stage, fire spinning, fire eating, forging, plasma cutting, glass blowing and dancing all at the same time. Spectacle I say. There were moments I was afraid for the performers others where I could not believe how huge the show was, i.e., when Dracul came to the stage from overhead on a "crane" that moves across the entire ceiling, or when the Fire breathing Dragon arrived on stage.
My favorite move was a part of the ballet, in which "Dammit-Janet" jumps into the protaginists arms with her knees curled under her. I assume this is not an unusual move but it just felt like "grace", a still quiet moment in theatre of noise and magnitude.
Dracul was an aerialist and used the scarves so beautifully.
We had seen one of the Crucible's outside operas a couple of years ago and this was so much more personal, I loved it. We live in an amazing place.
We went to the Gala because our friend Lisa was turning 40 and our friend Jewel is turning 60 and we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate.

Crucible photos: Eric Gillett
photo of MonkeyBoy, Lisa, Jewel, affinity - Thank you Ethan Stock, CEO Zvents,

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