Monday, January 5, 2009

It's all about ME!

I am finding life pretty difficult right now! Our bathroom is torn apart and another weird period at work. I swore years ago I would never be afraid for my job again, that I would be financially secure enough that I would always have the option of quitting. But my health insurance is $680 a month and there is my share of the mortgage, moderate, but still, and of course like everyone I don't have the same savings account balance I used to have.

So how do I keep my promise to myself? Be the best I can be, work hard, give them value for their $$, but not succumb to fear, oh yeah, that grateful thing.

I have a job!
I have a beloved!
I can have a real conversation with almost all my friends and talk about real things!
I have better health than I could have thought at this age and size!
I have an amazing rich life filled with more adventure than I have the time to write about. Just in December...
  • Burning Man Holiday Party (MonkeyBoy was Santa)
  • a Sweet Sixteen Party
  • SantaCon
  • MonkeyBoy's work party
  • My work party at the Julia Morgan Ballroom, very cool
  • newZonia (Life as Art) introduction - fundraiser for BRAF
  • Tamale Festivites
  • Grateful Graphics Open House
  • Rex Foundation Gala (Grateful Dead non-profit) Bonus points: photo op w/Wavy Gravy
  • Christmas at our Friend Jewel's
  • Holiday Visit with Benny and Ellen
  • Alice & Elizabeth One Woman Play
  • Holdiay breakfast with my dear friend

And I get to live in amazing San Francisco, where there is always another adventure right out my window, or down the street, or across town.


photo: Mr. Nightshade

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Ali Baba said...

Wonderful. Gratitude is a beautiful thing! :D