Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peace Sign by Tony Labat on Patricia's Green

There is a brand new piece of art on Patricia's Green. A Peace Sign by Tony Labat. I love San Franciso, I was at the meeting of the San Fancisco Arts Commission Visual Arts Committee where they talked about installing this peace sign, and now here it is.

photo: imola yellow

Then here are the peace signs I made last year for a charm swamp with my jewelry friends. Very different magnitude. I would love to work in the bigger size, and I have on occasion.

Here is a paper mache sculpture I made for Burning Man in '05 on my dining room table, that is my friend Ellen posing with Bunny Gort...

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sfmike said...

I much prefer your Peace Symbol design to the Tony Labat monstrosity, with its tiny holes and uneven metal seam in the middle. The art at Patricia's Green has been hit and miss, which is fine since it's all temporary. Loved the David Best pagoda and the historical miniature golf course. Wasn't so crazy about the Arc de Triomphe thingie with dirty rags or this oft-kilter peace logo.