Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was great

This was my first day off in a long time where I just hung out and watched a video of my choosing and talked to my old friend Porter for over an hour, and picked up the house and made meatloaf and just loved being at home alone.

Porter and I talk about things I just don't talk to anyone else about, we wax a little nostalgic, we talk about the impact of music, hip hop, rap, the ever whiny Neil Young, his "mitigation" training, my recent adventures, his living in South Carolina. Just the things old friends talk about, and he makes me laugh.

Another good thing happened today, Meghan from the Burning Man office called and asked me to help with the Regional Summit at the end of February.

So make a note, Flambe Lounge is going to be on Saturday February 28....

Now time for meatloaf.

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