Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bent - The movie

It is always interesting at our house, sometimes neither of us know how a movie gets on our Netflix list, but I assume I put it there. I have always had a compelling interest in homosexuality, tried it, not for me, but I have always been interested in "the closet" how one gets there, how one stays there, how it feels. But this closet is Berlin in 1934.

Beautifully acted, physically dark in spots and thus hard to make out the visuals at times (one of my 2 chronic complaints, tooo long, tooo dark). On the other hand, some scenes are very bright and obviously creating a contrast. The movie is engaging, thought provoking, not as painful as one might expect, and has one of the most sensual sex scenes I have ever seen.

Clive Owen is gorgeous, and did I forget to mention that Mick Jagger plays a drag queen.

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