Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Russell Boys

In the spirit of Andie's post, I am going to write about my family. One of the things that I have always loved is that my father had 5 or 6 brothers? and they were real hellraisers. I always heard stories about "when the Russell brothers come to town you better watch out, just like one of those western. and MY Dad was dirt poor but a dandy which I always thought was pretty interesting. So although the asshole routine was not always a gift in MY life I have always felt like I came by my rebel, eccentric behavior honestly.... My Mom on the other hand was the smart one in her family and I think it made her want a little more than was available in her dirt farmer upbringing. But that on the other hand did benefit my life and got me to college and law school from a poor white trash background.... So although Mom and Dad had mental and emotional problems in their 50ies and beyond they did inform my life and as MonkeyBoy would say, it got us to here.... In the spirit of my arbitrary post (wish i had a photo of the Russell brothers to include) here is a photo of MonkeyBoy and I assembling Gort on the Playa in 2004.

Ali Baba
Mon, March 27, 2006 - 11:39 PM
random comment: I love that you're wearing matching socks!And, I love the Russell brothers story. ;D "I have always felt like I came by my rebel, eccentric behavior honestly...." That is a great quote. :D My mom had two uncles that each owned a Harley dealership, in the 1950s and 60s, I believe. We should start a collection: Great rebel uncles of the mid-20thcentury.

Quiet Girl
Tue, March 28, 2006 - 12:29 AM
You're speaking my language. I was lucky to have grown up around 2 other girls (childhood friends -- my DPW documentary is dedicated to Regina, whose photo appears at the end) who had a background and desire to get the hell out the same as I did. Now that I've grown "up", there are lots of things about having a tough background that I appreciate, even as I'm breaking (and have broken) the shackles of the ones that pulled me down. Thanks for sharing.

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