Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sun, February 12, 2006 - 7:39 AM
A lot going on here. Still working on designing the Peace Pilgrim, deciding on a real estate agent to sell our apartment, are we doing the right thing. 3 weeks ago my boss gave notice, Thursday my boss's boss told us he is going to Italy for a year, etc. What will that mean for me, is there something I should do differently.

Lots up with the Training job at BM. A meeting at the office on Monday and then a training on Thursday night that is going to be a webcast.

Oh! Did I mention my ex-husband, who I consider family, is coming to stay over on his way somewhere on Monday night. We have not slept in the same house since 1975.

We are giving a little going away party for our neighbors and tenants on Friday evening...going to dinner at some of our oldest friends on Sat night, and then having company for brunch next Sunday morning. So yesterday we went outside and I had some muscat and listened to the quiet... If there is just a moment where I cannot hear anything it helps to calm my mind, and then the kids next door showed us their super sized bubble wand, wow, that was fabulous. So life is good, it is my goal to make this move and sale look easy, even to me....

The photo is the model for the Peace Pilgrim's nose as I believe all people will be people of color in 2081....

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