Sunday, July 27, 2008

Burning Man - New layout for 2008

So a few weeks ago I posted a copy of the 2008 Burning Man map with the Street Names. And most of you are aware that there has been a new design of the city. The Esplanade is further from the Man and thus bigger, and the camping space is thinner so there is more street frontage to camp on and those boring spots in the middle of each block have disappeared.

They say it better here:

2008 Black Rock City Plan Changes

Did you feel the squeeze in 2007? Well there are some BIG changes to our city this year! Remove 2007's three inner blocks -- Esplanade through "C" -- and you have our new Esplanade for 2008. After the Esplanade, the streets for 2008 run A-K. Since we've taken the three shortest concentric streets from the inside, we added two longer concentric roads at the back of the city. The distance from the Man to the Esplanade road is increasing from 2200 to 2700 feet, which also means the length of the Esplanade grows over 2500 feet longer than last year. See below to see a comparison against last year's plan. See you inBlack Rock City!

But I think that a picture is worth a thousand words and this representationreally shows you how different Black Rock City is going to be.

The comparison is set up two different ways:The Left side compares Center Camp 2007 and 2008, you can really see the size difference.

The Right side compares the distant from the Man to the Esplanade 2007 to 2008.,PopPic.vm?picURL=

So bring your bikes. It is ALL bigger and further apart.

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