Friday, July 4, 2008

Biological Jewelry

February 6, 2006
There is a huge academic community out there creating interactive clothing. The Future, hope.... they are making biological jewelry...

extends biological identity by combining technology and design into a new decorative body surface. Cultured in a lab, this biological jewelry is made of epithelia cells which are designed to grow into lace patterns. epiSkin is an exploration into the decorative technological control over biology to create an artifact which is a hybrid of both. The cells used to create the jewelery were cultured in a lab in collaboration with a biologist, then grown into custom designed forms controlled by the artist.

The process in creating these pieces includes human tissue culturing as well as computer generated forms onto which the cells are transplanted into adaptive jewelry. The jewelry is worn on the body, completing the relationship of biological design as artifact. " But it is too delicate for the desert, so says the artist...

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