Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Burning Man

This will be our 9th Burning Man. So some things we feel like we have mastered, although in this moment, nothing I can think of....but some things we feel like we could do better. MonkeyBoy had some blood tests several years ago, after having been on the desert for a month, and the only problem that showed up was that he was low on potassium. While I on the other hand have always struggled with the heat, and with getting older and being a "big" girl, makes dehydration pretty constant. So for the past couple of years we have been trying to improve that, and for me, doing that without adding sugar is a struggle.

So this year we are trying several new products. I like G2 which is the new Gatorade product that has about 1/2 as much sugar, and Gatorade Endurance which has 2 times as much potassium and sodium as regular Gatorade but our big revelation is Pedialyte. Pedialyte has less sugar, more than twice as much potassium, and more sodium than even the Gatorade Endurance, and we can use it as a little treat because it come in little popsicles....and the Gatorade site told us about it....
We love that Gatorade and Gatorade Endurance come in powder form. I have some Emergen C left over from last year, so we will be using a little of this and a little of that to stay hydrated. Come on by and have a Pedialyte Pop, they're frozen, so how bad can they be on a hot day on the desert?

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Anonymous said...

I posted this in the BM tribe and thought I'd post it here too:

I would avoid anything from Gatorade. It's glorified sugar water. Every year I give some to a campmate or 2 and they are amazed at how much better they feel after. True elctrolyte replacement hydration drinks (not just 'energy' drinks) allow you to rehydrate faster and more fully. No joke.

If you want electrolytes with specific amounts of certian minerals and electrolytes, go to a bike shop, running shop, tri shop, etc. Some place where there's ahtletes who run their bodys energy levels through the ringer. REI would be a good start too. You might have to endure some bro culture bullshit at the shops, but maybe REI would be a good start. ask them for their recommendations, witht he caveate that you are not asking them for a medical claim or recommendaiton, but advice on what would be a good 'recovery' or 'endurance' drink.

I've used HEED, Endurox, Elete, and Cytomax before, on and off the playa . Not so long ago I was frequently a last place finisher at several 24 hour mtn bike endurance races, Singlespeed races, etc. (Think last place is lame? go ride your bike for 24 hours solo straight in one gear and get back to me....).

I found HEED lemon lime to be the best in terms of taste. It's important to figure out what you like before you are in the middle of an event. Nothing's worse than barfing up your only source of nutrient replenishment because your stomach has a hissy fit and decides it don't like it on lap 6 of a 21 lap 10 lime loop.There's usu a couple different flavors to choose from the myriad of formulations of each brand. I do better with low glycemic formulas, and I like lemon lime over sweeter berry/chocolate flavors.

The jars of powder can get expensive but most places either have free samples or have sample packs that are a couple of bucks. There's a lot of marketing bullshite on the side of the can, but in general any of them will be better than gatorade or anything you'll find at 7-11 or walmart.

The only one I need to avoid is EAS- I call it G A S. it goes right through me. stuff is nasty.

So, experiment, drink it around the house, when you are doing yard work, etc, for preparation for the playa.